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preparation prevents

poor performance

We all want our child to shoot with confidence, be a great defender, make winning plays and be the player the coach relies upon to win big games.

While we can't promise to make your child the next Michael Jordan or Stephen Curry, we can definitely provide them the training system, resources and guidance to give them the best opportunity to reach their full potential.

There is no easy way or shortcuts to becoming a great player, but there is a proven system that players can follow.

industry leaders & training professionals

The MKB AthElite Coaching Department is composed of leading training professionals, coaches and experienced players from around the  country, all dedicated to the research, development and implementation of the MKB Athelite training programs.

Our Coaching Department provides cutting edge programming for every MKB Athelite session, ensuring our members are constantly improving, challenged and achieving results.


MKB Athelite is a comprehensive no nonsense, specialised high intensity player development program that is challenging, competitive and results driven.

Our programs are strategic and purposeful. Every drill, every action and every scrimmage, is designed to fast track each players development. We don't train anything that players can't utilise in-game or is not connected directly to the game - period.

Join our 6AM CLUB to transform your game and achieve your basketball goals.

Who Should Attend MKB AthElite?

The MKB AthElite Programs are for boys & girls who are serious about becoming better scorers, defenders and leaders. If you are passionate about basketball, have a deep desire to train, love new challenges and are comfortable in a competitive environment, then MKB AthElite is your home for training - Period

At MKB AthElite we are serious about player development and ensuring that every player gets the best training - We are about Providing Access, Opportunity and Expert Guidance.

MKB AthElite Members Area

Become a member and enjoy the training and the family atmosphere at MKB AthElite. 

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