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10 Weeks

About the Course


Venue: To Be Announced

Address: To Be Announced

Date: To Be Announced

Time: 6am to 7.30am

Duration: 10 Weeks

Coach: Marvin Bayer - Kaylan Bayer

Program Overview:

The MKB ATHELITE 6AM CLUB is a customised training program by Marvin Bayer for players who aspire to play at a high level or are looking to seriously transform their game. We aim to prepare athletes for the future. Our industry leading coach’s will breakdown advanced skills, concepts and principles in an easy to learn format, so young athletes can fast track their development.

This class focuses on the development and refinement of individual & team skills, basketball I.Q, tactical awareness and is committed to creating and executing a development plan for each athlete to help them prepare for Representative trials, competition and achieve their optimal potential on the court.

The 6AM CLUB aims to maximize each athlete's talent and potential by providing them the expert training and mentoring, so they may have the best opportunity to advance their basketball career. This is achieved through on court fundamental skills training and mentoring by our experienced coaches. ​

Our system is founded upon 4 pillars of development: ​

Mindset - Quality of character and mind. Leadership, work ethic and competitiveness.

Technique - Skill and technical proficiency.

Athleticism - Incorporating mobility, physical conditioning and footwork.

Intelligence and Insight - Basketball I.Q and game sense.

Who Should Attend This Program:

This program is for boys and girls who aspire to play competitively at an elite level. The 6AM CLUB is for players who have a competitive character, a deep desire to train and are ready to take the next step to becoming an impactful player.

Exceptions are made for exceptionally talented younger players to enter this program. If a player is skilled, energetic and willing to work hard, they are welcome to take a trial so they can be evaluated by our coaching staff.

Phone: 0410 492 207


Your Instructor

Marvin Bayer & Kaylan Bayer

Coach Marvin Bayer has been coaching for 25+ years in Australia, overseas and at all levels. He has helped shape the skills and lives of numerous players who have moved on to play at College in the USA, NBL1, NBL, WNBA and beyond. His vast knowledge, experience and training methodology have made him a respected coach throughout the basketball community.

Marvin Bayer & Kaylan Bayer
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